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We hear it over and over, right? Take care of yourself, do something good for YOU today, and you can’t fill from an empty cup. It’s almost as if self care has become just another thing women have to be good at. So the other day while I was taking a mini vacation from my children sitting on the edge of the tub trying to read a book while simultaneously shoving an Almond Rocca into my mouth, counting down the seconds until I get a knock on the door with a question that’s going to make me choke on my Almond Rocca and leap to my feet (my personal favorite, “Momma, is it okay to pour milk down my cast?”) I started thinking about what Self Care is exactly. What can I say, I’m a multi-tasker.

Here is what I’ve come up with…

Self Care looks different for everybody. It’s not all spa days, tacos and Veuve.

Self Care is sometimes doing hard things.

Self Care is saying no to things that don’t fill your cup.

Self Care is having hard conversations with people you love in order to set boundaries.

Self Care is ending toxic relationships.

Self Care is intense workouts.

Self Care is taking care of your skin.

Self Care is going to bed earlier.

Self Care is eating healthier.

Self Care is not comparing ourselves to others.

Self Care is accepting that it’s more than okay that my child might be wearing two different socks and licking the screen door.

Self Care is creating a life you don’t feel you have to escape from.

So, pretty lady, I’m talking to you. Take that first step to taking care of yourself whatever that looks like. And if it looks like a facial please come see us at Gidget’s Beauty Box!

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Allison Cremona, L.M.E

Whether you roll like me, fresh faced, love to rock a full face of makeup or somewhere in between, your skin will always be your best foundation. Seeing a professional monthly will not only complement your at home routine, but will improve the overall health of your skin, even stubborn conditions such as acne, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles and rosacea. Here are some great reasons to make an appointment today...

Professional Grade Treatments

Not all skin care is created equal so while you may be able to tackle some issues with your home care, a professional treatment can’t be beat. Estheticians have access to professional products with higher percentages of active ingredients and can perform services that yield remarkable results! These treatments remove, rebuild, and repair the skin. They also have powerful modalities that can lift, tighten, tone, exfoliate and rebuild collagen. Think of it this way: changes happen in the clinic and you maintain those changes at home.

Advice on Home Care Products

Seeing a pro will take all the guesswork out of what you should be putting on your face. Your skin is not the same as your besties or Gwyneth Paltrow’s so your skin care shouldn’t be. An esty will ask about your main skin concerns, analyze your skin by looking, touching, pinching, sometimes even smelling it. They will go over your diet, allergies, health issues, medications and, yes, even your budget before making any recommendations. And because your skin is always changing and your home care routine will eventually change, seeing an esty regularly will help ensure you are using the best products for YOU.

Sanitary and Safe

Uhhh...trying to resist the overwhelming urge to pick, poke, pop, and squeeze is almost impossible, and we know it usually leaves our skin a lot worse off. Estheticians are trained to perform extractions by prepping your skin to prevent the spread of bacteria, which can cause infection, hyperpigmentation and scarring. So take a step back and after you call an esty for an appointment go watch some Dr. Pimple Popper.

Education and Expertise

Master Estheticians in Virginia go through 1200 hours of training. Their education consists of Skin Physiology, Anatomy, Chemistry, Safety and Sanitation, Facial Techniques, and Ingredients.They also have hours of Continuing Education. You brush your teeth twice a day and you still go see a dentist for a deep cleaning. So, why wouldn't you leave your skin to a pro? Prevention is much easier than correction and a lot less costly!

If you are new to professional skin care treatments you will need to schedule a comprehensive consultation before your first treatment. We’d love to see you at Gidget’s Beauty Box to get you started on your skin care journey. Book online at

Your skin goes through a lot more than you think it does! Treat it right.

Gidget’s Beauty Box is located in Hamilton at 47 West Colonial Hwy, Behind the Post Office in the “Little Yellow House”

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