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We hear it over and over, right? Take care of yourself, do something good for YOU today, and you can’t fill from an empty cup. It’s almost as if self care has become just another thing women have to be good at. So the other day while I was taking a mini vacation from my children sitting on the edge of the tub trying to read a book while simultaneously shoving an Almond Rocca into my mouth, counting down the seconds until I get a knock on the door with a question that’s going to make me choke on my Almond Rocca and leap to my feet (my personal favorite, “Momma, is it okay to pour milk down my cast?”) I started thinking about what Self Care is exactly. What can I say, I’m a multi-tasker.

Here is what I’ve come up with…

Self Care looks different for everybody. It’s not all spa days, tacos and Veuve.

Self Care is sometimes doing hard things.

Self Care is saying no to things that don’t fill your cup.

Self Care is having hard conversations with people you love in order to set boundaries.

Self Care is ending toxic relationships.

Self Care is intense workouts.

Self Care is taking care of your skin.

Self Care is going to bed earlier.

Self Care is eating healthier.

Self Care is not comparing ourselves to others.

Self Care is accepting that it’s more than okay that my child might be wearing two different socks and licking the screen door.

Self Care is creating a life you don’t feel you have to escape from.

So, pretty lady, I’m talking to you. Take that first step to taking care of yourself whatever that looks like. And if it looks like a facial please come see us at Gidget’s Beauty Box!

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